Our KTM custom, semi-custom and basic graphics kits are available for the following bike models. SX-E5, 50SX, 65SX, 85SX, 125SX, 150SX, 250SX, 250SX-F, 350SX-F, 450SX-F, 125XC, 150XC-W TPI, 250XC-W TPI, 300XC-W TPI, 250XC-F, 250EXC, 250EXC-F, 350XCF-W, 350EXC-F, 450EXC-F, 500EXC-F, 500XCF-W, 350 FREERIDE, 380EXC, 400EXC, 400EXC-F, 450EXC-F, 500EXC-F, 505SX-F, 520EXC, 520EXC-F, 525EXC, 525EXC-F, 530EXC-F & 540SX-F Applicable to models built in 2000 or newer. Only decals are supplied, plastics are not included.