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Our Kawasaki custom, semi-custom and basic graphics kits are available for the following bike models:

KLX110, KLX140, KX65, KX85, KX100, KX125, KX250, KX250F, KX450F, KLX300, KLX400, KLX450, KX500 & KLX650

Applicable to models built in 2000 or newer. Only decals are supplied. Plastics are not included.

Kawasaki, a brand synonymous with power and performance, has made significant contributions to the world of motocross. Our graphics kits honour this legacy, merging the rich heritage of Kawasaki with your unique style. These kits are not just about adding colour to your bike; they signify your bond with a brand renowned for its cutting-edge technology and commitment to quality.

By adding our custom graphics to your Kawasaki, you're not just enhancing your bike's look; you're personalizing your ride and marking your achievements. These graphics are designed to mirror your journey as a rider, and the rich history of Kawasaki, a motocross pioneer.