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Our Husqvarna custom, semi-custom and basic graphics kits are available for the following bike models:

TC50, EE5, TC65, TC85, TC125, FC250, TC250, FC350, FC450, TE150I, TE200I, TE250I, TE300I, TC300I, FX350, FX450, FE250, FE350, FE450 & FE501

Applicable to models built in 2000 or newer. Only decals are supplied. Plastics are not included.

Husqvarna's legacy in motocross is steeped in a commitment to quality and innovation. Since the introduction of its first motocross bike, the Silverpilen, or 'Silver Arrow', in the 50s, Husqvarna has been a leading figure in the motocross world. Our graphics kits for Husqvarna pay tribute to this tradition, infusing the brand's pioneering spirit with a unique personal flair. They serve as a medium to reflect brand loyalty, commemorate milestones, or add an edge of individuality to your bike.

Adding our graphics to your Husqvarna is about making a statement. They're designed to endure the rough and tumble of the track, offering more than just an aesthetic upgrade. These kits personify the quality that Husqvarna stands for, and your personal journey as a rider. Equip your Husqvarna with our graphics and let it tell your story, reflecting your individual style and the rich heritage of a legendary motocross brand.