Motocross is not just a sport—it's a lifestyle that embodies passion, adrenaline, and the indomitable spirit of competition. It's about riders and their bikes tackling challenging terrains and conquering thrilling heights. The stage where these battles play out? The track. Across the world, there are tracks that stand out for their legendary status, their challenging features, and their scenic beauty. Let's explore five of these spectacular tracks around the world.

Glen Helen Raceway, USA

Located in San Bernardino, California, Glen Helen Raceway is known to every one. This legendary track offers some of the most gruelling terrain features in the sport, with its defining characteristic being the massive hill climb known as "Mount St. Helen." At a staggering elevation, it tests riders' control and power management skills to the limit. It's not just the physical challenge, but also the breathtaking views from the peak that make this ascent a signature motocross moment. The layout, with its high-speed sections and abrupt elevation changes, guarantees thrilling racing action at every event.

Ernée, France

Ernée, nestled within the stunning greenery of the French countryside, is a track of historic significance and technical challenge. It has been the venue for several Motocross of Nations events, the Olympics of motocross. The track is known for its variety, with a perfect blend of high-speed straights, technical sections, and unpredictable elevation changes. The most distinctive feature is the hill leading to a steep drop-off, followed by an immediate uphill climb— a sequence that requires skill, precision, and guts.

Lommel, Belgium

Lommel is a track synonymous with grit and perseverance. Often referred to as the “toughest sand track in the world,” it’s the ultimate test of a rider’s stamina and determination. The sand here is deep and shifts continuously, transforming the circuit with every lap. The unpredictable nature of the terrain, combined with the physically exhausting sandy conditions, makes Lommel a track feared by many but respected by all.

Maggiora Park, Italy

Located amidst the rolling hills of Piedmont, Italy, Maggiora Park is a jewel in the crown of motocross. Known for the epic 1986 Motocross of Nations battle, Maggiora boasts a scenic landscape that can easily distract from its technical challenges. The track layout features complex off-camber sections, steep hill climbs and descents, and sharp turns. It's a track that tests a rider's ability to balance speed and control in equal measure.

Valkenswaard, Netherlands

Deep in the heart of the Dutch forests lies Valkenswaard, a sand track known for its high-speed straights and demanding jumps. Like Lommel, it features deep, shifting sands that challenge a rider's endurance and bike handling skills. However, it's the combination of this sand base with a series of hard-packed sections that makes Valkenswaard unique, requiring riders to constantly adjust their approach throughout the race.

Each of these tracks represents a unique blend of challenges, from the demanding sand dunes of Lommel and Valkenswaard, the adrenaline-pumping elevations of Glen Helen, to the technical diversity of Ernée and Maggiora. Yet, they all share a common thread—a love for motocross that transcends boundaries, and a spirit of competition that pushes riders to achieve their best.

We hope you enjoyed learning about these tracks. Whether you're a seasoned rider, an enthusiastic amateur, or a fan of this exciting sport, stay tuned as we continue our journey into the heart of motocross.