It is always recommended to install the jersey print with a professional heat press. 

This is a free service here at Westeffex.

Feel free to drop your jersey by the shop or post it out to us.

However, if you can’t get the jersey out to us here are a few steps to install it at home.

  1. Clean your jersey. We don’t want any dirt, dust or mud under the print.

  2. Lay your jersey on a flat surface with a towel underneath.  Lay either a tea towel or baking paper over the jersey with your iron of full dry heat (no steam) and go over the jersey to remove any moisture.  This also leaves a nice flat surface to apply your print to.

  3. Peel the print, along with the clear application tape, away from the backing and position the print on the jersey.  The clear application tape will help adhere the print to the jersey. Hold the jersey up and make sure you are happy with the positioning.

  4. With the iron on high heat, overlay your tea towel or baking paper back over the jersey and print. Apply a hard even pressure to the full print with a little extra on the edges.  You can’t overdo this step, go over it a little more than you think.

  5. Remove the tea towel/baking paper and slowly peel back the clear application tape.  If the print lifts with the tape, lay it back down and repeat step 4.