Honda Trigger Basic Kit

$259.95 AUD

Each Honda graphics kit is available for any Honda bike model. This includes any size from 50cc to 500cc, as well as any year model from the year 2000 to current.

What's included:
  • Tank Shrouds decals
  • Front fender decals
  • Rear fender decals
  • Number plates decals
  • Airbox decals
  • Swingarm decals
  • Fork decals
Plastics are not included.

Production process:
Once you have placed an order your kit will be added to our production line and will be printed, laminated, cut and packaged to go. Please allow a week for this process.

Note: Ordering a seat cover or plastics may add time for your order to be shipped.

Reminder: Our basic kits cannot be customised/altered in any way.

If you would like a kit that you can customise please see our semi custom kit range.