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Kawasaki Elite


Our Kawasaki graphics kit are printed on a unique high tac material with extremely durable and thick over laminate. This ensures that your motocross graphics will look the part from one season to the next.


Each Kawasaki graphics kit is available for any Kawasaki bike model. This includes any size from 50cc to 500cc, as well as any year model from the year 2000 to current.


Our Pre-Designed graphics kits are the perfect base to start from and give you the freedom to customise with your name, rider number and personalised logos etc.

Rider Details

  • (If non leave blank)

  • (If non leave blank)

  • (Colour of background behind number)

KX Bike Details

Upload logos

  • Please upload your personal logo files in a JPEG, PNG or PDF format. *NOTE : If you have an AI, EPS or SVG file, you can email these, along with your order number to Max file size: 10 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif pdf

  • Max file size: 10 MBPermitted file types: jpg jpeg jpe png gif pdf

Additional Info

  • (e.g. aftermarket plastics, colour changes, logos etc.)

Material Selection

  • Please select what base material you would like your graphics to printed onto. Please note: If Chrome or Holographic material is selected, a chrome overlay cannot be added.

Laminate/Install Options

  • Would you like a Gloss finish or a Matte finish on your decals.

  • Plastics are NOT included. This is for decal installation only. Plastics are available in the menu.


  • Available on tank shrouds only. Please let us know in your order notes where you would like the chrome material on the shrouds. * All chrome selections will be confirmed with a designer before production, ensuring size and shape is possible in the specified material. *



Our Process

We follow 4 main steps, to ensure you receive the best quality of graphics in the shortest amount of time.

Once you have placed an order, we will design your graphics kit to suit your specific model of bike. A flat proof of your design is then emailed to you and you can let us know of any changes you would like.

Once approved, please allow for 1-2 weeks for production and shipping times.

Note: Ordering a seat cover or plastics may add time for your order to be shipped.


Choose whether you would like to design using our configurator or by filling in your order information.


Work with one of our talented designers via email to finalise your design.


Once your design is signed off, your graphics will be printed and manufactured in our Perth HQ.


You will be notified that your order has been posted or is ready to collect.

What’s Included?

When placing an order for a full graphics kit, you will receive the following decals:

Front Guard Decal
Shroud Decals
Fork Guard Decals
Side Plate / Airbox Decals
Rear Guard Decal
Front Plate Decal
Swing Arm Decals

*Please note: Plastics are not included. If you require plastics, please order these in the plastics section via our main menu.

Material Options



Both durable and reliable, we use Substance’s class-leading Ultra Curve motocross print material to ensure that you have the best quality print for your graphics kit.

How does it work?

Print Material/Media is the material in which we print your graphics on to. Each option available is a different base layer for our inks. Each base has a different finish (eg. Holographic will provide a shiny/holographic coloured print). From there we choose our laminate options.


Our standard print base. This material provides a high quality print, is very durable and allows plenty of flexibility for ease of installation.


( Regular Print )


A colour shift print base. This material is ideal for people that would like a colour shift effect throughout their kit.


( Reflective Rainbow Print )


A silver/chrome print base. This material is ideal for kits that require a silver tone all the way through.


( Reflective Silver Print )

Laminate Options



Both durable and reliable, we use Substance’s class-leading Ultra Curve motocross laminate to ensure that your graphics last from one season to the next.

How does it work?

Over-laminate is a thick layer of clear material that is layered over your printed graphics. This ensures the graphics can width-stand scratching and general wear-down.


Gloss Laminate provides that shiny plastic look, with long lasting durability.


( Shiny Finish )


Our Matte Laminate provides that natural look to your graphics, with a flat non-reflective finish.


( Flat Finish )


Our Cosmic Shift laminate features the same level of durability, adding a complete layer of glittery shimmer over your graphics.


( Glitter Finish )

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