13th Nov 2019

An easy step by step process to install your new decals.


  • We recommend a new set of plastics to ensure your graphics will bond properly however your old ones will work if they are in good condition.
  • CLEAN PLASTICS thoroughly USING isopropyl alcohol and allow to dry. It is recommended to NOT use soapy water as it may effect the glue.


  • You are ready to start applying! Choose a part of the bike which is smooth and relatively flat for your first try.
  • Begin by choosing a bolt hole or area you would like to start from and check that the decal lines up where you would like it to stick. 
  • Peel away only a small section of the backing to expose the adhesive and tack it to the preferred area. Before you continue to peel the backing, double check the decal is still aligned where it needs to be.
  • Once you are happy with this. Slowly peel a small area of the backing off at a time as you apply pressure to the center of the decal and work your way to the outer edges.
  • If the decal begins to crease or bubble. In a careful/quick motion pull the applied area away from the plastic and try again. Patience is key! 
  • Using a heat gun can help to soften the decal and mold over tricky areas and will minimalise bubbles. Be cautious and do not over heat or stretch. 
  • Once the decal has been applied, run your finger over the entire surface of the plastic to ensure a proper bond. 
  • Heat the outer edge of the decal and push any remaining bubbles from the area.

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